The casino industry is becoming more competitive by day. This is because many new casinos with better terms and conditions are constantly coming up. Just like any other form of business, casinos depend on customers (gamblers) to make profits. Hence, they must devise ways of attracting more customers, and a welcome bonus is one of the ways. In fact, you will rarely find an online casino without a welcome bonus. But what exactly is a welcome casino bonus?

Welcome Casino Bonus Explained

A welcome casino bonus is a reward you receive when you sign up to a casino as a player and make your initial deposit. It is common in online casinos and can be in the form of loyalty points or a monetary balance. The bonus can also be a chance to play for free on one or more of the listed game options. In a land-based casino, it may take the form of a free meal, drink, or chips. The welcome casino bonus is typically a one-time reward.

Welcome Bonus Value

The value of the welcome bonus varies from one casino to another. While many casinos reward their new members with 100% welcome bonus on the initial deposit, others reward less or more. If you’re considering a welcome bonus as an important factor, you may need to research on various casinos to end up with the best house. Additionally, it is advisable to make a huge-amount first deposit to maximise your welcome bonus.

Wagering Requirements

A welcome bonus sounds good. After all, who does not like free money? However, you need to know the wagering requirements of any welcome bonus before you can get excited. You also need to know when you are allowed to cash out the bonus. Some casinos require you to deposit a certain minimum amount to get the bonus, and this amount varies with casinos.