Bonuses have become a common phenomenon in the online casinos. Yes, you can get lots of bonuses in the form of gifts or prizes as a player, but casinos generally offer serious bonuses after signing up and making your first deposit. Casinos also reward players with bonuses for ongoing deposits made on a regular basis as a way of appreciating their loyalty. A match bonus is one of the most commonly offered bonuses. This kind of bonus derives its name from the idea that the house matches you pound for pound on your first deposit amount. For instance, if you’re playing at any of the paypal casinos and you deposit £100, then you may receive £100 as your match bonus.

Does It Sound Like Free Money?

The answer is in the affirmative. However, you must commit your own money first- casinos are not charitable organisations. A match bonus is a generous system that doubles your first bankroll, and it is very attractive, especially if you’re a newbie in the realm of gambling. The bonus is mostly displayed prominently on the online casino’s front page.

Is There a Catch?

Not really. However, the house needs to protect itself from any abuse; hence, it tends to place caveats on this type of bonus in order to prevent a high roller from depositing a million dollar for an instant profit. Remember, match bonuses mainly target new players, and it is for this reason that casinos put a limit on the maximum bonus amount.

Do Match Bonuses Vary?

Yes, the percentage of the match tends to vary from one deposit to another. While many casinos match players with 100% or even more on their first deposit, the bonus tends to become more conservative with subsequent deposits. Sure, you may still receive the bonus but not in double digits. It is impractical for the house to double your cash each time you make a deposit.