Imagine how a game without rules would be like- chaos and injuries would be the order of the day. Rules are essential for every game because they help players to know what to do and what not to do. Regarded as one of the hardest games to master, roulette can be easy to play especially when you know the rules. Let’s us look at the basics first.

Roulette is played using a large wheel (roulette wheel). Around this wheel, there are 1 to 36 randomly numbered divisions, which occur in alternating red and black colours. There is an additional division numbered 0 (green). American tables are slightly different as they contain an extra green division numbered 00.

The croupier spins the ball on the wheel’s outer rim, and the ball will settle in one of the divisions. As a player, you will need to predict which slot the ball will fall into. You are given the opportunity to place your bet before the ball is rolled. You can either place your bet on an individual number or a combination of several numbers. After spinning the wheel, the ball will land on a slot before the croupier makes the results announcement. Finally, the losing bets will be taken away from the table, and any winning bet will be paid.

Other Rules

1. En Prison Rule

This rule is applicable in even-money bets only. In the event that a zero turns up, you can share the bet equally with the house. Another option is to leave the bet there for a second spin. If a zero turns up once more, you lose all the bet. You win if the spin matches your bet.

La Partage Rule

This is similar to the en prison rule save for the fact that you have no any other option but lose half of your bet to the house when a zero turns up.